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Meet Welsh Artist / Cwrdd â’r Artist Cymreig Christopher Langley.

Croeso/Welcome to the unique and colourful world of Christopher Langley!

Langley is in demand for commissions both from private and business clients, where his work features in collections worldwide.  His varied unique styles bring a sense of vibrancy and atmosphere to any room.

A list of Langley’s extensive exhibitions can be seen here.

The Story | Y Hannes

Inspired by the landscape and the people of Wales – meet Welsh artist Christopher Langley.

From seascapes of Pembrokeshire; to the mountains and landscapes of Breconshire; to the intricate architecture of Cardiff’s pubs; award-winning artist Christopher Langley finds huge inspiration in his Welsh surroundings.

Raised in Pontypridd, South Wales, Langley became professional in 2012. Today, he has sold work nationally and internationally and has demonstrated to art societies and business groups.

Langley is a self-taught artist whose work has been shown in New York, Glasgow, London, and Cardiff.  He has received extensive on-line media and TV coverage resulting in Langley’s work beginning to be noticed in a wide area.


Langley is a regular contributor to the South Wales Argus and is regularly featured on Media Wales.

Recently, an invitation was extended to exhibit in London, as part of London Welsh Arts Week 2018. He has appeared on S4C TV’s Heno for his local Cardiff Pub series in addition to being approached to give a feature on Welsh art on TV’s Cefn Gwlad. He also is occasionally asked to comment on art topics on BBC Radio Wales.

Christopher Langley is a member of the 4Network & Zokit Business Communities, promoting and demonstrating art in Wales.

National and International Exhibitions

In addition to several solos exhibitions, Langley has produced two National Welsh Exhibitions. They were sponsored by Julie Morgan, AM and Mick Antoniw, AM.

An invitation was sent to exhibit in the Chelsea district of New York after Langley’s work was spotted as an international finalist. One of his paintings called “Two Umbrellas” (sold)  was chosen as the event poster at a month long exhibition titled ‘Evolving Abstraction’.

In addition to being a committee member of the South Wales Art Society (SWAS), Christopher Langley is artist in residence at the Celtic Manor Resort and David Lloyd Tennis Centre, Cardiff. His work features in a number of public solo and joint exhibitions throughout South Wales.

Langley is influenced by many artists, notably Monet, David Hockney, Barry Hilton, and Lynn Rodgie.


Christopher Langley is experienced in producing commissions on a range of subjects.  He works closely with the client, whether business of personal, to achieve their vision. Langley is currently welcoming enquiries for 2018 to early 2019 bookings.

Cardiff Pub Series

The landmark pubs of Cardiff featured in an exhibition. The artwork by Christopher Langley features past and present pubs like The Cow & Snuffers, The Vulcan, The Golden Cross, and The White Swan Hotel.

Featured in an ITV Report

“My aim is to tell the story of the pubs of the city in a historical and cultural context. So, it would be wonderful to find out more about their interesting histories or stories attached to them.

Cardiff’s pubs have been at the heart of the city’s life for centuries. As many pubs are closing or facing an uncertain future, it’s important that their role is recognised and documented.”


Cardiff Pub Series